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Pentru propuneri, sugestii, colaborări vă stau la dispoziţie la adresa:


If you have any suggestion, opinion or are a company who wants to colaborate with me, feel free to contact me at : 

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Ron Parlato spunea...

In response to your Blogger chat...Many of us have had the same problem of no search box for over a week. All we can do is wait! In the meantime, you can simply go to Google Search, type in your URL and key words, and you will be fine. You may want to post a blog telling your readers to do the same. Good luck, RON and by the way, I LOVE Romania, spent many times over ten years in the 90s

Andreea Goia spunea...

Thank you! I will definitely do that and also announce my readers about this 'search not working' issue.
I'm glad to read you liked Romania and enjoyed your time here :)

andrada hanc spunea...

Buna...cum procedez cu comanda?

Andreea Deeb spunea...

Comanda pentru ce?

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